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Unknown Number

beta: avya7x | XiuHan, side KrisYeol and KaiHun | oneshot (5,000+ wc) | AU, Fluff, Romance | PG-13 | Every day Xi Luhan waits for a call from unknown number. That is a phone call from someone trying to call home.

A/N: Partly written for myself because I celebrated my birthday last Sunday, and for my friend who I shall name Boy. Georgie and Ryan are my friends and I think they won't be pleased if they know I use their names in my fic, lmao.

(taken from:

April. It is the perfect time for couples to bond outdoors after nestling in their shared homes sharing some warmness and heat through the harshness of winter in South Korea; to feel the spring breezes for the first time and enjoy the view of flowers blooming and the leaves growing in shades of green; or simply to flaunt to other people how perfect they are to each other and how beautiful their love is, as if they are the only permanent residents in this world and other people are just guests in their love nest.

Xi Luhan just smiles at the young couples he sees on the streets or cafes he frequently passes by on daily basis because once, he experienced it himself and he knows how it feels.

He walks on the pedestrian lane in the late afternoon, feeling afresh after taking warm shower with his favorite white musk shower gel and adorned in simple grey cardigan upon a soft yellow tee, black jeans and blue serif low tops Converse sneakers. He tucks his ears under his beanie to prevent them getting cold from the breezes and fixes the position of his bag’s sling on his shoulder; he quickens his pace and crosses the street before finally reaching a three story building and getting in, gaining good afternoons from the security guards and the front desk clerks.

At first glance, people will see Luhan as an adolescent guy or in his early 20s at the oldest; no one will however predict that he has actually been living in this world for a good 26 years already. With his naturally small, face structure and baby-like features: doe eyes, small nose, pink shades on his soft pale cheeks and small red lips, he can lie that he is still in high school and everybody will believe it.

He will always have to show his citizen card to the guard if he wants to go into a nightclub because his face will always look underage, once his husband joked.

Instead of heading to the highest level where the office of the CEO of the company usually takes place, the boss of Golden Deer Design Co. takes the stairs down the basement. He pushes the glass door and turns on all the fluorescent lamps, revealing the sight of his own ‘sanctuary’.

His sanctuary turns out to be a room 25 meters square wide; decorated with a working desk with a Mac and a pile of papers along with a box of stationary on it, two tall bookshelves with various design books and magazines resided in each shelf, and a rather large table for some board projects. His room on the highest floor is just a private meeting room with his business relatives, but his real working room is on the lower ground floor. He carelessly drops his shoulder bag on the project table and walks toward his working desk, fingers hovering onto a small photo frame standing on the desk. Luhan smiles at it; it is a picture of the day when he married the one he loves.

Luhan is sitting on his comfortable seat and turns on his computer to check his E-mail inbox when suddenly his cell phone rings. He looks at the screen and it shows unknown number.

That is a phone call from someone trying to call home.

His lips form a smile as he slides the virtual green button on the screen and waits for the other line to speak.

“Golden Bun Delivery?”

“What would you like to order, Mr. Kim?” then Luhan giggles. “Oh my God, we should change our password soon. It’s embarrassing.”

“No! It is cute and I like it. You sound like a good delivery order taker.”

Luhan scoffs, “Only for you.” Then he breathes in relief, so glad listening to the other guy’s voice. “Hey,” he says softly. “I miss you, Minseok-ah.”

Luhan was a 20-year-old student graphic design major at Yale University School of Arts when he first met Kim Minseok. That guy was a transfer student —which was saying something, since Yale was practically one of the best universities in the States. And it wasn’t easy either to be transferred there— and when he first stepped into the class room, his eyes scanned all the students for a while before landing his gaze onto Luhan; to who he beamed his pure and child-like smile, making Luhan slightly flabbergasted. He approached Luhan’s table and sat in an unoccupied seat beside him, offering a handshake, “Hello, I’m the new guy here. My name is Kim Minseok.”

“Ah, hello,” Luhan snapped from dazed state and took the offered hand. “Xi Luhan, and this—” he turned his head to a girl beside him who was waving to the new guy, “—is Georgiana Yasumura, my best friend. Welcome to Yale.”

“Just call me, Georgie, Minseok!” said the girl cheerfully.

“Hi, Georgie,” Minseok smiled at Georgie. “I’m sorry for asking, are you Japanese?”

“It’s okay. My dad is Japanese and my mom is from Ohio,” answered Georgie. “And Luhan here is from Beijing. And I guess you are from South Korea, right? Wow, we have an international friendship!” Luhan and Minseok chuckled at her statement, but they didn’t deny the truth in what she said.

They grew closer and in short, time the three of them bonded into a close friendship. However, Luhan couldn’t deny that he grew a feeling toward Minseok, too. Therefore, in a classroom when he and Georgie were doing a project of designing a jam bottle on a Thursday evening, he decided to break the truth to his best friend.

“George,” he began. She looked up from her half-finished bottle. “I have to confess something to you.”

Georgie put down the glue and faced Luhan in a serious manner, but still with a smile on her lips. “I’m all ears.”

Luhan gulped, inhaled, and exhaled. “I think I like Minseok.”

Luhan didn’t expect his friend to grin like a child who just received a lollipop. Georgie shook her head, “Took you long enough, my Lu Lu.”

Luhan’s cheeks felt slightly hot. “How the hell did you know that?”

“If I couldn’t notice that you are practically head over heels in love with Minseok, I think I should call myself your best friend,” the girl smirked, and continued when she saw Luhan panic, “No, it’s not that blatant, but I think I was only able to see you fall slowly for that man since I’m close to you.”

Luhan sighed in relief, but he looked up again and asked his friend with worried eyes, “Then what should I do now?”

“Confess to him, duh,” Georgie rolled her eyes and got back to her jam bottle.

“What if he rejects me?”

“Who says he will?”

It was nine in the evening when they decided to call it a day and go home. They were walking on an empty street, chatting lightly then suddenly being muffled by a handkerchief and everything went black.

The next thing Luhan knew was he was in a small room with dimmed light and boxes everywhere —a warehouse, perhaps. And his consciousness brought attention from a few masked men in the room. He couldn’t see their faces and the poor light didn’t help either; but maybe, that was their exact intention. He turned his face only to see Georgie’s head hung low, unconscious.

“Wake her up,” said one of the men to Luhan with low voice, his tone was dangerous. “Now.”

Just after that Luhan realized that his hands were tied at the back of the chair so he could only nudge her head with his own, calling her name softly because, honestly? He was scared to death. It was when the light was suddenly turned off; a few low groans were heard followed by thud sounds on the floor. The environment became silent; Luhan became even more scared that he didn’t dare breathe loudly. Then he felt the rope around his wrists loosen up, and he was pulled out of the chair and was dragged out of the warehouse silently.

He looked at the one who got him out of the kidnapping scene; he got Georgie on his back and turned his face to Luhan, smiling tenderly. It was Kim Minseok.

They arrived at Georgie’s apartment and Minseok tucked her into her bed. He mumbled I’m sorry to her and walked out of the house with Luhan following suit. They reached a park near the apartment and they sat on one of the benches.

After a few minutes of silence, Luhan decided to ask his companion, “What are you?”

“Just someone with a mission,” answered Minseok lightly.

“Are you a secret agent or something?”

“Sort of.”

“I can’t believe it,” Luhan snorted. “I can’t believe you lied to us all the time.”

“I lied for the sake of her safety,” Minseok patiently explained. “But not all about me is a lie.”

Luhan ran his fingers through his raven hair, feeling frustrated. He inhaled deeply and closed his eyes, before exhaling and facing his friend. “Now, let’s introduce each other once again. Honestly.”

Minseok nodded, “Okay, let us try.”

“Hi, my name is Xi Luhan. 20 years old.”

“I’m Kim Minseok, 25 years old.”

“Wow, you are so young.”

“The Marshals Service needs people like me for this program, so they asked the FBI for help. We need to investigate this case as well, so the criminals who are chasing Georgie are also our targets.”

“So she’s also bait?”

“Shall we continue our introduction?”

“Fine,” Luhan huffed in irritation; he was still curious. “I am from Beijing, China.”

“I was born in Seoul, South Korea. But at 10 I moved to Los Angeles.”

“I only have my mom and dad at home. I’m the only son.”

Minseok suddenly smiled, sadly one. “I’m alone.”

Luhan looked up. “I’m sorry,” he muttered apologetically.

“It’s okay,” Minseok, grinned. “I have a friend who I treat like my own brother. His name is Kevin, only a few months younger than I am. He is Chinese just like you, and an agent just like me.”

Luhan nodded. There were so many things revealed in this conversation and he could feel the sincerity in Minseok’s words. Then he wondered; what would he do after this? Would Minseok just disappear? “I plan to graduate next year.”

Minseok smiled again. “I plan to graduate next year, too.”

“Are you going to continue your studies?”

“Well, as long as the mission still continues, I will be going to college with Georgie,” Minseok shrugged. “And I’m still young; won’t it be nice if I earn one or two diplomas?”

In the morning, in Georgie’s apartment Minseok explained everything to her; his dad was involved in a syndicate and she was assigned into a witness protection program. She was supposed to change her identity and moved out of the city, but her dad begged not to change anything about her because he didn’t want to ruin his daughter’s future. In the end, they agreed to guard her secretly and signed up an agent to the university as her personal guard.

Georgie cried but accepted the reality, and welcomed Minseok once again as her personal guard and her friend.

The case solved a few months later, but the program was still running at least a year after the trial. During that time, the three of them stuck together, as close as best friends would be.

On snowy December Luhan finally asked Minseok to go out with him, and they kissed for the first time on the Christmas Eve.

Two months after graduation, the program officially ended and they had to part since Minseok would be assigned to a different case. Although it was safe already for Georgie (and Luhan), they were advised to move out to another country for better safety. It was one cold night, Luhan cuddled with Minseok on their bed when he quietly wondered, “Where to go?”

“I’ve been thinking about that and I have an idea,” Minseok trailed off. “What if you and Georgie move to Seoul?”

“Why?” Luhan looked up.

“That city is quite safe and I have a few relatives there, they can help you and her to settle down.”

“Will you visit me often if I go there?”

Minseok kissed the crown of his head, “I can’t promise you, but I will try.”

Luhan closed his eyes, feeling tenderness from his lover. “Don’t forget me.”

“I won’t.”

When Luhan and Georgie landed at Incheon International Airport, two young guys welcomed them in front of the arrival gate. “Park Chanyeol, Kevin’s husband,” the tallest one introduced himself with accented English. “And this is Oh Sehun, my brother-in-law. Minseok has called us and we will gladly help you guys settle in.”

The two best friends lived in a simple apartment and Chanyeol and Sehun lived just next door. Four of them got along very well and Chanyeol helped them to find a job while Sehun taught them Korean. And they finally acknowledged that his brother for his own self-defense, and his brother’s had trained Sehun and that those were not their real names. “It’s my Korean name, but I like it more,” he told Luhan one day. He lived with Chanyeol so the older guy could take care of him while he could be Chanyeol’s personal guard; killing two birds with one stone.

“How does it feel?” asked Luhan, one day when he was in Chanyeol’s house. It was one of those rare times when he got home early and Georgie would come home late because she had a project in her office, so he was left alone with Chanyeol. The other guy was a good companion and he didn’t feel lonely anymore; it had been 6 months since he settled down in Seoul and Minseok hadn’t visited him yet.

“How does what feel?” asked Chanyeol; he placed two mugs of hot chocolate on the table.

“Living without your husband,” said Luhan, more like muttering. “Sorry if I ask about it.”

“Lonely, yes,” Chanyeol tilted his head a bit. “But it’s okay, I can bear with it. He asked me to wait for him, and I do. We might only see each other a few times in a year, but every time we are together, I feel so loved by him. Through phone calls and text messages, he always reminds me that he loves me. And I think, that’s enough to make us stay and not fall apart.”

“Phone calls? Text messages?”

“Yes, he calls me at least once a week.”

Luhan wondered why Minseok never tried to call him.

It was after a little bit over a year of living in Seoul Luhan got a contact from Minseok again. At that time, the situation had changed. He, Georgie and Chanyeol established their own design company; Georgie got a boyfriend, Ryan, and she moved into his apartment so Luhan practically lived alone; Sehun graduated from high school and went to Korea University Law School, aiming to be a prosecutor and eventually got a boyfriend from the same college. It was just a simple envelope arriving in his letterbox; there was no name of the sender, but there was a small character on the corner of the envelope and he already knew who the sender was.

I finally got a break for a month, what if the four of you take a vacation with Kevin and me?

p.s.: I miss you

Luhan, Chanyeol, Sehun, Georgie touched down at JFK International Airport one summer afternoon; Ryan and Jongin, Sehun’s boyfriend, tagged along and they didn’t mind their company. Minseok fetched them with a tall guy with blonde hair that Luhan had never known before.

“It’s the first time we finally meet,” the blonde-haired person said, surprisingly in Chinese. “Kevin, Minseok’s friend and Sehun’s brother.”

“And my husband, too,” said Chanyeol in awkward Chinese, not missing a beat. “Hey, I miss you.”

Luhan felt a hand latched one of his hands; he saw that Minseok already stood beside him, albeit a bit distant as if he was afraid to approach the other guy. Luhan found himself smiling as he held his lover’s hand tighter and stood in front of him, “What. Do you not miss me?”

Once again Luhan saw a pure and child-like smile from Minseok as the other guy flung his arms around him and whispered in his ears, “You have no idea how much I missed you, Xi Luhan.”

It was Saturday morning when Luhan didn’t find Minseok in their room. He only saw a small letter on the nightstand, ‘I’m booking a place for breakfast. Please wake everyone up. Love you’ and he got out of the room only to find that everybody had woken up.

“Come on hyung, get dressed and we can have breakfast!” said Sehun cheerfully. Luhan only nodded and got back into his room to prepare himself. After he was done, they drove off from their rented house. Everybody was in a good mood; Chanyeol, Sehun, and Jongin sang-a-song in the car with their funny gestures, making all of them laugh. After a few minutes, they stopped by in front of a church.

“Come on!” Chanyeol dragged the confused Luhan out of the car and half-ran into the church, only to find Minseok and Kevin dressed in suit, and a priest. Luhan was stunned because a) Minseok looked inhumanly handsome in a white suit and silver tie and b) What the hell is going on here. And what was with the decorative flowers and other decorative things? He came back to earth when he realized that Minseok was standing in front of him already; a nervous smile plastered on his face.

“I’m sorry if this is too sudden for you,” Minseok said softly. “But I think I can’t wait any longer and Georgie and Kevin have been convincing me and they said you will not say no so I come with this. I actually wanted it to be grand but you know my job and condition so I made it so secretive here in this small church and I’m sorry I can’t invite your parents too because I don’t know where they live and—”

“Minseok-ah,” Luhan stopped Minseok’s rambling words. “What are you trying to say?”

“Will you marry me?”

Luhan had seen this coming, but only a few seconds ago; he hadn’t prepared his heart for the contents feelings or his brain to comprehend the situation. However, strangely, or not so strange anymore since it was expected, he already knew his answer. “Idiot,” he chuckled seeing Minseok’s oh-god-I’m-going-to-die face. “What’s with that face? Of course I will say yes.”

The next thing he knew was he was taken into Minseok’s embrace; was being whispered a thank you repeatedly and he felt the well in his eyes couldn’t take it anymore. He teared up, didn’t care if his tears stained Minseok’s suit. He heard clapping from the people around him but he didn’t care either; he continued crying.

“Oh my God,” he heard Minseok panicked. “Luhan, please stop crying. What did I do wrong? Luhan, please.”

The crying guy didn’t know himself why he couldn’t stop; maybe it was because of his bottled up emotions, maybe he was too happy. He wiped his own tears with his jacket sleeves, “I’m hungry. I haven’t taken a breakfast and I’m starving.”

Minseok sighed in relief and laughed at Luhan’s cuteness, kissed the top of his soon-to-be-husband’s head, and said, “I’m sorry, baby. After the ceremony, I promise. Now please change your clothes so we can quickly finish this and have breakfast together.”

Chanyeol and Georgie helped Luhan dress up in a small room in the church; he was adorned in a similar suit.

“George,” Luhan called his friend’s name when she was helping him wear the tie. She looked up. “This is not a dream, right? …Hey, that hurts!!” Luhan didn’t expect Georgie to pinch his cheeks. “What was that for?”

“To wake you up,” Georgie grinned. “But you don’t need it. So, you are awake already.”

Luhan hugged his friend tenderly. “Thank you, George. Thank you for being with me in these past years. Thank you for not letting me fall apart. Thank you all the mental support.”

He could hear her giggles in his embrace. “That’s what a friend is for, right?”

Luhan halted his pace to the church. Georgie narrowed her gaze and slapped his behind, “There’s no time to be nervous. Go get your husband, he’s waiting for you.”

Luhan yelped but grinned at his friend’s antics. He kissed her cheek and speed-walked (half-sprinted) to the altar, making Minseok raise his eyebrows and chuckle. It wasn’t elegant, but it wasn’t any less cute either. “Sorry for the long wait,” whispered Luhan, half-panting.

The priest cleared his throat, “Ladies and gentlemen, can we start the ceremony?” The grooms and the witnesses nodded. “Perfect.”

After the wedding, they stayed in New York for another week, and then they went home to Korea. It was the first time Minseok visited his motherland after a long time, so he was excited. He kept looking at the high buildings and humongous billboards out the cab window and chattering that the city had changed drastically. Luhan just chuckled at his husband’s cuteness because he looked like an excited kid on the way to an amusement park.

“Here we are,” Luhan opened his apartment door and switched on the lamps. Minseok dragged in their suitcases and his eyes scanned the house in excitement. “What are you looking for?”

“You’ve always been so… hygienic,” Minseok nodded. “Actually I expected to see dirty laundry or untidy plush on the couch.”

“Sorry for not amusing you, then,” Luhan snickered. “But now we do have loads of dirty clothes but we can do the laundry tomorrow. Now what are we going to do?”

Minseok pulled him to the couch and cuddled him, “What about cuddling all night? On the other hand, I would not say no to some sexy time. I haven’t tried the bedroom, anyway.”

Luhan laughed heartily at his husband’s perverted mind but stayed in his embrace; it was too comfortable. “I’m hungry.”

“Then we can always order Chinese take-out.”

“I miss you too,” says the other line. “I miss you so bad, I miss you so so bad.”

“Are you reciting a song?” Luhan asks, amused. “When will you come home?”

“I don’t know, maybe around this month but I can’t promise you. Anyway, how’s business?”

“It’s doing fine,” Luhan wishes Minseok could see him grinning. “The idea you gave me two weeks ago was accepted by my client and they seemed to like it very much. Thank you for the aid, honey.”

“Anytime, love. Aren’t you going home? It’s 4pm already.”

“No, I just got here anyway and I need to sort out some documents—” Luhan looks up at the pile of documents and finds them signed already. “—and, weird, they’re done already.”

“Then, maybe you should go home.”

“Maybe,” Luhan starts gathering up his stuff. “But I will be having a video conference with my client in Incheon at 5 so I think I will go home at 7.”

“Okay. Take care and don’t push yourself too hard. I’ll talk to you later?”

“Yes, talk to you next week?” but Luhan only hears a chuckle from his husband. “Bye, love you.”

“Love you more.”

Luhan is about to get out of his working room when there is a knock at his door. He opens it and Hyebin, his secretary, is standing outside the door. “What’s up, Hyebin?”

“Ms. Yasumura informed me just now that the video conference is rescheduled to next week,” tells Hyebin.

“Okay, please tell her that I already got the message,” says Luhan. His secretary nods. “What’s the schedule for tomorrow?”

“Since the concept team is still discussing the idea for the next project and the marketing department is still discussing with our clients,” Hyebin looks up from her agenda. “You have no schedule until this weekend, sir.”

“Is that so?” Luhan lifts his eyebrows. “Should I take a day off?”

“I think you should, sir,” says the secretary as they take the stairs. “You’ve worked hard in these past few months.”

“I think I will take your advice,” he smiles to her. “Thank you for your work, I’m going home now.”

Hyebin bows a bit, “Take care, sir.”

Luhan doesn’t like driving from his apartment to his office. For him, being inside a vehicle for a long time kills his imagination. He prefers walking for 30 minutes; he can see the sky change its color from bright to dark, the buildings become colorful skyscraping towers, and the dynamics in the city that’s fascinating to him. He grows a liking to the city where his husband was born; it gives him so much inspiration and pumps him full of life.

Luhan decides to stop by a famous bubble tea store and orders milk tea for Sehun and taro milk tea for himself; the store gives 20 percent discount every Wednesday so Sehun often asks him to buy for him. However, he doesn’t expect Sehun to be in his apartment already at six; he should be still in his office and it is rare for him to get home early.

“Hyung, what’s up?” asks Sehun from the kitchen. Luhan lets himself into the house since he has a spare key.

“I just wanted to drop off your favorite. Milk tea, as usual,” he places the small plastic bag on the kitchen counter before looking around the apartment. “Chanyeol?”

“He’s in his room, Kevin gege arrived an hour ago,” answers Sehun nonchalantly. “Uh, hyung, have you returned my new Shinhwa CD?”

“Yes, I returned it to you two weeks ago.”

“Can you look for it again? It isn’t in my CD rack so I think it’s still in yours.”

Luhan fishes out his apartment key and opens the door before getting in. He feels slightly jealous of Chanyeol because Kevin has come home; but when he thinks, again, it is ridiculous, Kevin and Minseok have different cases, and they get different breaks as well. Nevertheless, he slightly hopes that Minseok will come home soon, because he misses his husband so bad.

He switches the lamps on before taking off his sneakers, but he hears a low groan from the living room.

Luhan knows that groan. It is completely familiar to him. Therefore, he sprints into the living room and finds Minseok, sprawling on the carpet and moaning in pain.

“Minseok-ah,” calls Luhan. “What are you doing?”

Minseok opens his eyes and finds his husband already crouching beside him. “I think I just fell from the couch,” he grins. “Hi, love.”

“Are you alright?” Luhan runs his hand on Minseok’s back. “Where does it hurt?”

“Nah, I’m okay,” Minseok shakes his head and pecks Luhan’s lips. “I missed you.”

They lie on the carpet and cuddle each other. Luhan remembers once Chanyeol said that they look like a couple of koalas when they cuddle. “When did you arrive?” asks Luhan into his husband’s chest.

“An hour ago,” Minseok kisses the top of Luhan’s head and inhales his shampoo scent. “Did you enjoy my surprise?”

“Yes, this is lovely,” Luhan smiles and inhales Minseok’s scent; it is relaxing.

“Hey, Luhan-ah.”


“Do you still remember our last phone call?”

“From three weeks ago? About what?”

“About us adopting a child. Have you thought about it? I don’t want you to feel lonely.”

Luhan closes his eyes. “Yes, I would like to. I think I’m starting to feel lonely nowadays.”

Minseok kisses his forehead tenderly. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Luhan pecks his lips. “When will we go to the orphanage?”

“Do you want a son or daughter?”

“I think I would like a son. So when he grows up and gets married he will not leave us.”

Minseok gets up and pulls Luhan so he can stand up as well. “Now let’s go to our room. It’s getting cold already.”

They walk into the room and when Minseok opens the door the lamps are on already; Luhan can hear a small voice singing softly from the inside of the room. On the floor there is a boy playing with a car toy, barely reaches 5 years old from Luhan’s assumption; short dark hair, pink chubby cheeks and plump lips. A perfect combination of Kim Minseok and Xi Luhan.

Minseok approaches the little boy while Luhan is still standing near the door, stunned. “Hyesung-ah,” he pats the boy’s head looking up. “Say hi to Luhan appa.”

The boy stands up and runs to pounce onto Luhan’s legs, calling him appa repeatedly. Luhan eventually gains enough energy to crouch down and hugs the boy; he is too excited. “Hello, Hyesungie.”

Minseok soon joins them and crouches down as well. “And Hyesung-ah, say happy birthday to Luhan appa as well.”

Luhan’s eyes widen; how could he have forgotten his own birthday? The little Hyesung says happy birthday to him cheerfully while Minseok hugs his shoulder and kisses his temple, “Happy birthday, love.”

Luhan has gotten used to be pounced on the legs by Hyesung every time he picks him up from the kindergarten; he thinks his son’s habit is cute. Chanyeol often remarks that he has become a dotting parent but he can’t care less. Yes, he admits that he spoils his son but he knows that he will not grow to be a spoiled brat; instead, he is proud that his son is cheerful and polite.

He takes his son for a walk to his office; it is their daily routine they will walk to the kindergarten together. While Luhan continues to his office, and when the school ends he will pick his son up and bring him to the office so he can play and do his homework in Luhan’s sanctuary, and at the end of the day they will go home together and sometimes they will stop by a restaurant for dinner. The employees have grown liking to his son as well because he is a bright and loveable boy.

Luhan is fixing an advertisement design and Hyesung is playing with his Lego when his cell phone rings. It is from unknown number.

“Come here, baby,” he calls his son and picks him up onto his lap. He answers the call and turns on the speakerphone but puts his finger on his son’s lips, waiting for the other line to speak first.

“Golden Bun Delivery?”

“What would you like to order, Kim ajusshi?” Hyesung answers instead. They can hear Minseok laughs heartily from the other line.

“Hello, my darlings.”

That is a phone call from someone trying to call home.


*: 'Kim'
A/N: yes, I'm a big procrastinating writer. Someone kill me now.
And anybody notices that Luhan doesn't refer Minseok as 'baozi' here? Yeah, I accomplished a plot twist on Tumblr, when Luhan doesn't call Minseok that nickname anymore lol.
Let's pretend that these are their wedding pictures. (taken from: parksihoos@tumblr)

Comments are always appreciated :)
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