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26 June 2016 @ 11:05 am

meet me:
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for EXO fanfics, i'm moving to exo_rcism

All stories are mine. You can take them out, save them in Microsoft Word file but you are restricted to distribute them without my permission. The name meanie_minnie should be there since I don't tolerate plagiarism.

If you feel lost in my journal, you can go to the list below :)
ordered from newest to oldest.

i'm still fixing 100+ posts of mine so you can have a better reading later; sorry for the inconvenience.Collapse )

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01 June 2013 @ 05:23 pm
okay i know that i haven't been really active these days but i've been reading a lot. the very reason of why i write exo fanfictions is that i can learn from other authors from other fandoms. admit it guys, exo fandom is like one-stop fanfiction shop from various fandoms' authors. as for myself i came from dbsk (yunjae), and thanks to exo i can learn a lot from other fandoms' excellent authors. i came here not for the pairings (at first, yes, but now not really), i came to learn. so that even i'm an avid krisyeol shipper i read other pairing fics too. they make me develop myself. i know you will be bored that i might put some fics that you've seen numerous times, but it's because they are so much worth it to read. some fics are not from LJ, but don't look down upon AFF authors. there are a few of them that are wonderful, and you must get to know them.

my exo fic recCollapse )
HeungSoon | oneshot (1,207 wc) | general | PG-13 for swearing | It's time for the two best friends to think about their future.

“Youngwoo has been studying with me every weekend. He said he wants to go to a vocational school.”Collapse )
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