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My Personal EXO Fanfiction Rec

okay i know that i haven't been really active these days but i've been reading a lot. the very reason of why i write exo fanfictions is that i can learn from other authors from other fandoms. admit it guys, exo fandom is like one-stop fanfiction shop from various fandoms' authors. as for myself i came from dbsk (yunjae), and thanks to exo i can learn a lot from other fandoms' excellent authors. i came here not for the pairings (at first, yes, but now not really), i came to learn. so that even i'm an avid krisyeol shipper i read other pairing fics too. they make me develop myself. i know you will be bored that i might put some fics that you've seen numerous times, but it's because they are so much worth it to read. some fics are not from LJ, but don't look down upon AFF authors. there are a few of them that are wonderful, and you must get to know them.

Untouchable series by kiwi_ism (the link i provide is the last part of the series; please read chronologically from past to present)
pairing: baekyeol, taorislay, sukaisoo, hunhan, xiuchen, past!krisyeol | rating: pg-r

first, for your information, i dislike canon pairings. so why did i read this series and why do i recommend them? first reason is the plot. their backgrounds are solid that we each story can give you more knowledge about each character's personalities and their relationship with each other. the story might be so AU but the problems between them are so so human that i can understand why chanyeol that why kris this why yixing that and so on. this series is also what inspired me to make 'A Thousand Years' series, in the other word it is my teacher.

The Thin Line Between by maayacola
pairing: kaiyeol | rating: nc-17 | summary: Jongin’s always had people he likes best. Chanyeol’s pretty sure he’s never going to be one of those people.

my heart hurt a few times while reading it. maybe because the real problem in this story is too close to home for me that i cannot dislike it. chanyeol is the main character here who's liked by everyone, but jongin. his struggles to make jongin his friend is so hurtful to read, in my opinion, and how it sounded real is what makes me read this story again and again. it has happy ending, by the way, just for the spoiler.

Supernova series by apennyforseoul
pairing: xiuhan | rating: pg-13

this might be the best xiuhan fic i've ever read. first published on AFF but it was on LJ, too. the story goes that luhan is an ill-publicized idol and minseok is a journalist in music magazine of seoul national uni. the dynamic between them feels like a rollercoaster ride that every time i got the update i would be like "damn damn damn damn". it's a completed series and really worth to read.

When The Hour Hand is Up series by kyu5671
pairing: none, luhan-centric | rating: pg-13 | summary: Luhan can tell when a person is dying. It's more of an intuition. It makes him ill when he touches that person. And then, everyone notices when he starts avoiding physical contact with Yixing.

this series was published on LJ too but i preferred reading it on AFF because the author updated there faster. this might be the first non-pairing exo fic i read. from the summary you can imagine the real problem and how big it is in the frame. not to mention that luhan is practically yixing's roommate in exo-m's dorms. i got anxious every time i read each chapter and the ending made me cry so so hard. i literally got teared up, no kidding. but if you don't like character death kind of story, please don't read this.

Baby's Breath series by jindeul
pairing: baekyeol | rating: pg-13 | summary: my name is byun baekhyun and i want my stupid stepbrother to disappear.

this story plot is quite cliche, but still heartwarming and tearjerking at the same time. the series is completed already, but the author is currently writing the sequel. i don't like baekyeol romantically but their bromance is excellent.

Pretty People Never Lie series by seven_days_late
pairing: krisyeol | rating: pg-13

the story goes off that kris is a poor guy who's hired to change the personality of park chanyeol. quite cliche, but the dynamic is awesome. and both of those characters' characteristics are quite strong that no one is weaker than the other, and that what makes this story quite balance and great to read.

Puzzle Pieces by leadernim
pairing: krisyeol | rating: R | summary: Chanyeol is a supermarket cashier when Wu Fan walks into his station with wasabi peanuts and walks out with his heart.

okay i know so many people have recommended this story because it's leadernim's work, anyway. but this story has a special place in my heart. the summary is so deceiving, in my honest opinion. what makes me make it as my faves is that the way she wrote this story. the main character, chanyeol, doesn't know what happened in the circumstance around him yet we, readers, know. not because there are other character's point of view (there is, tho, kris', but it isn't really his pov and you will understand this after you read it) but because the readers are outsiders so we can put two and two together, completed the scattered clues together just like puzzle pieces. i think its title fits perfectly. really love the story style here.

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