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[Heungsoo/Namsoon] Two Steps Behind (standalone)

HeungSoon | oneshot (1,207 wc) | general | PG-13 for swearing | It's time for the two best friends to think about their future.

A/N: un-beta'd unedited whatsoever because HOLY SHIT I'VE JUST WASTED 2 DAYS WATCHING SCHOOL 2013 I HAVEN'T REVISED 5 CHAPTERS OF BASIC SPANISH I BUT I REGRET NOTHING. midterms aside, this is the first time i write something that's not from kpop, so... please give comments?
the bullshit Minki said below is actually a part of my summary about the periodization of korean poetries. fml


“Tell me again, Minki-yah. Why am I here with you?”

“Sssh, keep quiet!” Kim Minki places his index finger to the former’s lips as he looks around in the studying hall; it seems no one pays attention to them. “I’m here as an act of my kindness to you,” he says in hushed tone to his friends.

“Are you referring to me or him?” the last one of the three asks, rather loudly, and Minki just has to places his last index finger to the latter.

“Of course,” Minki removes his fingers from his friends’ lips. “I’m referring to both of you, Namsoon-ah, Heungsoo-yah.”

“How so?” Go Namsoon raises his eyebrows, making his lazy eyes widen. Where did the timid Minki go and since when did he have guts to order two ex-gangsters?

“You guys know that midterm is next week, right?”

“Yes…?” responds Namsoon, not so sure with his own answer because the school schedule is always at the most back in his mind.

“And have you guys prepared anything for it?”

“Prepare what?” Park Heungsoo asks back instead.

“That’s. Why.” Minki huffs loudly as he fishes out his notebooks from his bag and slams them to the table. “I’m going to tutor you. Right now.”

Heungsoo and Namsoon look at each other before turning back to the smartest of the three. “But, Minki-yah, my part-time job starts at—”

“Right. Now.” It is the first time Namsoon sees Kim Minki glowering so dangerously to anyone. He turns to Heungsoo, who gulps anxiously, and that sight alone is saying something. “Or do you want me to call Kang seonsaengnim right now? He might look nonchalant but I know he will be having fun tutoring you guys and—”

“Okay, okay, I’m not going,” Namsoon drops Minki’s hand which is holding his phone. “What are you gonna teach us, Kim Minki?”

Minki smirks. “Korean Literature History.”

The whole students in the study hall shush them when they hear groans followed by the sound of two dropping heads to the table.


“—the modernization of Korean Poetries is said to be inspired by Western in the end of the 19th century—”


“—but Oh Seyong was against that idea and claimed that Korean Poetries had been modernized in the 18th century—”

“Kim Minki.”

“—because of the existence of long-formed poems. Yes, Park Heungsoo?” Minki looks up from his notebook to Heungsoo, rather annoyed.

“I just wonder why you bother tutoring us. Other people just focus on their own study for preparation of the university entrance exam,” Heungsoo places his chin on his palm. He glances at his best friend and sees him nodding slightly; he might actually fall asleep during Minki’s lecture.

“Because Namsoon saved my life once, and helped me a lot in the last semester,” Minki hangs his head slightly before lifting it up once again with a simple smile on his face. “Now it’s time for me to save him from academic troubles.”

“Then what about me?” Heungsoo plays with his pen in his hand. “You don’t owe anything to me.”

“Aren’t you and Namsoon in one packet? If I want to save him that means I have to save you, too.”

Heungsoo blinks in confusion. It’s true that he and Namsoon always come in one package. Almost, if the accident from 4 years ago never occurred. Their relationship now is like how it used to, if not better.

“Soooooo,” Minki knocks Namsoon’s shoulder mildly and the latter jerks from his slumber. “Do you know the difference between the classic poems and long-formed poems?”

“Um,” Namsoon blinks, totally confused by the sudden question. “Classic poems are short while the long-formed ones are long?”

Minki turns to Heungsoo and the latter gulps again. “How short are classic poems and how long are the long-formed poems, Heungsoo-yah? How many couplets do they have?”

‘They’re doomed,’ thinks Minki as he looks at Namsoon and Heungsoo’s blank faces.


“But because of Minki, I have something in my mind right now.”

Namsoon and Heungsoo are walking together away from school; the routine that has occurred since their making up. They usually walk in silence, albeit comfortably, or one of them ignited a light conversation which would likely end with bickers and laughs.

“What are you thinking?” asks Heungsoo with a simple smile. Although he is slightly older and Namsoon basically has short temper, his friend is quite a deep thinker.

“Youngwoo has been studying with me every weekend. He said he wants to go to a vocational school.”

“About what I will be after I graduate,” Namsoon sighs softly. “Even Youngwoo is working hard in his study, he always does even though he knows that his future is bleak,” he scoffs. “Then what about me? What about you?”

“About that,” Heungsoo stops his pace abruptly. “My aunt told me something last weekend.”

“What did she say?” Namsoon also halts his step and turns to his childhood friend.

“She told me that there is a friend of her who is a therapist, and he already agrees to give a therapy to my leg.”

Namsoon’s eyes widen. “That means—”

“I might be able to play soccer again,” Heungsoo shrugs. “There’s no 100% guarantee but I think it’s worth a try— oof!” he suddenly has to catch his friend who literally pounces him. “Get off, bastard, you’re heavy.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier, asshole?” Namsoon punches him in the chest. “So you’re going to the therapy and take a qualification test for a local soccer club?”

“I don’t know, it’s been four years,” Heungsoo sighs but immediately puts up a grin. “But I’ve been thinking of going to a sport school, if it’s unfortunate I might end up being a PE teacher.”

“I can imagine you will be like Cho seonsaengnim,” Namsoon laughs; Heungsoo kicks him in the shin, just because.

“Then what about you?” asks him after Namsoon’s laughter ceased. “Do you have anything in your mind?”

“I don’t know,” Namsoon starts walking again. Heungsoo follows him by his side. “But since you have thought about a plan, I might as well start making a plan too. Kang seonsaengnim asked me this shit the last time we met, and she isn’t even my homeroom teacher anymore.”

“A plan doesn’t fit a little bastard like you,” Heungsoo snorts. “But if you think about something, tell me.”

“Hey, that’s not the way to our houses,” Namsoon calls when Heungsoo keeps walking while they should turn left. “Where are you going?”

“Who says I’m going home?” Heungsoo looks over his shoulder and smirks. “Heavy conversation makes me hungry.”

Go Namsoon grins at his retreating friend and runs after him, pouncing the taller guy in the process. “Let’s get ramyun! And you’re paying!”

“Didn’t you just get your payment yesterday?” Heungsoo raises an eyebrow.

“How did you know?” Namsoon gaps, looking scandalized.

“I can tell when I see things.”

“But, Heungsoo-yah, do you think I can become a teacher?”

“Ha, a bastard like you can only teach how to break a mini market’s window.”

“Like people not afraid of your face at the first meeting. I pity your future students.”

“I’m more charismatic, you see.”

“Aren’t you a cocky asshole?”


Tags: fandom: school 2013, school oneshots, school pairing: heungsoo/namsoon
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